News - A home, far away from home


On January 2nd 2020, on a private note and as a part of travelPro Company Social Responsibility Program, I had an opportunity to visit a special abled kids school at Punjai Puliampatti, Tamilnadu, India. The school holds 27 kids with autism and with multiple special ability. They were assisted with 5 care-givers.

The morning started with a group prayer by thanking the universe for the blessing that they have. Followed by a self-introduction of the kids and what they like to do and other activities like singing the rhymes. The care givers teach the kids through music and dance, which indeed is enjoyed by the kids.

Afternoon, all we had a lunch together. Then we did little sports, dancing and again singing together. End of the day, each and every kids were awarded with brand new dress of their liking.

It was the day, that make us understood that a simple hug would give so much happiness to the kids here. Their mere playfulness without any worries will blow your mind away. This place is filled with love and energy, enough to inspire you to be a better person.