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What a chance to get to see such a beautiful, breathtaking and interesting country.

India has always been on my list of travel destinations to do at least once in my life, especially the Taj Mahal which is one of the wonders of the world.
When I was selected to participate to this Fam-trip I was very delighted and happy to be one of the lucky one to visit this unique destination.
To resume the trip was just gorgeous!
It started all with our meeting at the airport in Luxembourg on 24th October early morning to take off to an adventure. First, we had the chance to travel on Lufthansa Business class on the way out and as well for the return. This was a really interesting experience and being able to test the different services will help us to inform and advise our clients with further information on Lufthansa’s product and services. Travelling via Frankfurt on the way out and via Munich on the return gave us the chance to see how the transit works on both airports.

Arriving at Delhi airport in the middle of the night we have been welcomed by our guides, Mr Raghu Narayana Swamy and Mr Digamber Singh Rathore from BB Voyage. Those two guides and of course all the other members of BB Voyage made us experience many facets of India. They really did a great job over these three breathtaking and exciting days and managed to show us the real India and not just the touristic part of it.

We traveled a lot during these three days that we were in India – Delhi, Agra and Thela in total nearly 1000km – but this was the best we could actually have done as it made us discover the country from different points of view. We saw Old Delhi with its morning markets, temples and the spice market but also the New Delhi where you can see that India is growing fast every day. Then we saw Agra with one of the most famous buildings in the world, the Taj Mahal. And then we drove to Thela where we had a great Safari in a Tiger reserve, we have met with Indian children for a cricket tournament and had a Yoga session with an Indian Yoga teacher, we have celebrated Diwali with the guides from BB Voyage and had even an official Diwali Ceremony in the tiny private temple in their house.

And of course, we saw three very nice hotels. My favorite one was the one that I feared the most from the beginning as we did not have much information and it was the Hotel in the jungle. Overall it was really a trip to familiarize with a lot of things, an airline, a booking class, hotels and also a very interesting and beautiful country and its people that have to manage their lives under difficult circumstances, but they are however happy people.
It was a trip that left its marks on me in a very positive sense of the word.

A big thank you to all of you for making this happen 😊

Sandra Läpple

Here you have some photo impressions:

Our group together over the roof of Old Delhi

Welcome to India – the first evening

People from India

In India cows can even enter a bar and have a drink 😊

Great people 😊