News - With HCORPO, take control of your hotel spend and guarantee the comfort and safety of the travelers


Hcorpo is an all-in one corporate hotel solution, that draws its prices and availability from more than 100 different sources, offering over 1,000,000 accommodations worldwide.

With competitive and flexible rates, the Hcorpo solution adapts to the needs of business travelers and travel management companies. It allows to control up to 83% of the hotel expenses, notably through centralized payment and centralized invoicing.

By combining its expertise with leading SBT’s on the market, HCorpo offers a unique solution that optimises the entire hotel booking, billing and management process. This opportunity, is designed to respond to the needs of companies it also provides their employees with an exhaustive range of hotels. The solution significantly reduces the spend, and generates up to 40% savings without modifying the travel policy, while making hotel bookings easier for the travelers.

HCorpo also comes with a large team of experts for support and whom 24/7 carry out a quality check on 100% of the bookings, prior to arrival. This guarantees an incident rate of less than 1%. From the moment a company signs an agreement with HCorpo and throughout the collaboration, our departments will be at your disposal every step of the way. Our goal as a global solution? Respond at best to the needs of our customers worldwide.

To summarize, HCorpo is 100% customer retention and 83% customer adoption (compared to 20% in the market).